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paypalvisamastercardamex  Due to our awareness of the pitfalls of many mining techniques…

We are using  Eco-friendly cultured and lab grown gems in many of our designs!!

Most consumers these days are at least somewhat familiar with the word “cultured” when related to pearls. It’s a term used to describe pearls that are implanted with a piece of shell, returned to salt water, and then taken when there is enough nacre built up to satisfy the ‘grower’.

Laboratory grown diamonds and colored gemstones are, scientifically speaking, as real as the diamonds mined from the earth. Lab-grown stones are generally less expensive, are more clear (have less inclusions), and are much more ecologically sound for our environment. It’s important to remember that the term ‘cultured’ still refers to lab-grown or synthetic stones, and these stones are as real and genuine as the gem mined straight from rock. Its simply grown under more ideal conditions in a much shorter span of time.

Cultured gems are not fakes, and are often more technically ‘perfect’ versions of gemstones. A diamond is still a diamond at a molecular level, regardless of whether it is mined or laboratory-grown, and synthetic does not mean your stone isn’t real. We often recommend, along with our eco-friendly artists all over the world, laboratory grown stones for customers who don’t want to pay the high prices for the more expensive, mined versions.

These gems are also perfect for environmentalists, and every day individuals who care for and support our earth’s well being, as this type of stone is frequently more ethically sourced. We are currently using all manmade opals in our designs. They are Gilson Opals, the Gilson process was developed by French scientist Pierre Gilson in 1974 and is nearly exact to the natural process by which opals are formed.

The Gilson process uses silicon to grow opals and, once the silicon seed that will become an opal is created, the opal will develop from this seed in 14 to 18 months. Very few differences exist between natural opals and Gilson opals. In fact, Chemical Engineering News states that the only element that is not present in Gilson opals is water.

Opals are found naturally and made synthetically. Opals come in a variety of types from common opals, which are opals that lack color, to opals that have a myriad of colors in their make up to solid red opals known as fire opals. However, variations of synthetic and natural opals are nearly unlimited as they can have almost every color in the spectrum presented in their color schemes. Most of our gems are listed below. When ordering a general term referring to the color of the stone is used in our drop-down selection.

Trade Name of Gem ———-

Actual Material Blue Topaz- blue topaz-natural and lab grown

Sapphire-cultured blue sapphire Opal, all types——–Synthetic and lab created opal

White Topaz-cultured and lab grown white topaz

Light sparkly yellow Sapphire- cultured yellow sapphire

Lavender/Alexandrite-cultured alexandrite

Pink Sapphire-cultured pink sapphire

Champagne Topaz-cultured champagne topaz

Rainbow clear-mystic topaz

Indigo/tanzanite-cultured tanzanite

Emerald-cultured emeralds

Apple peridot-cultured peridot

Olive Peridot-Cultured Russian peridot

Cranberry Garnet- cultured Alaskan garnet

Orange Sapphire – cultured golden-orange sapphire

Teal blue green- natural mined and lab grown teal tourmaline

Light Amethyst-Mined Rose de France Amethyst Amethyst- Natural and lab grown amethyst

Clear Quartz with gold lines through it- natural rutilated Quartz Rough crystal pieces-

Mined Drusy Quartz

Large black and white irregular shaped pearls – blister pearls

Iridescent rainbow crystals- titanium fired quartz

Opaque slivers of pink and green-pink/green/- natural watermelon tourmaline

Fossil pendants – mined premium grade ammonites

Copper iridescent flowers -mined copper from chile

Light blue gems with inclusions- natural aquamarine

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